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About Tejani Technology
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What makes our web design and internet marketing so effective. Who We Are

Tejani Technology is a Web Designing, Internet Marketing and Computer Repair Company established in Delray Beach, Florida in 2008. The company reflects the creative energy accumulated in the ideas, values, experience and the spirit of the modern time, with clear vision and concept for the future. Tejani Technology aims to enable quality products and services to the clients in the region, through the design and development of creative solutions, with the assistance of the modern technologies and the optimized business processes..

More about what makes our Web Design and Internet Marketing so good. Our Vision

With the continuous improvement of the methodologies and techniques in order to discover suitable business solutions, Tejani Technology is giving the opportunity to the clients to reach high level of operability in the dynamic and highly competitive environment, by supporting and optimizing the processes through IT solutions. Guided by our vision, that every client is special and unique with its specific needs, the solutions that Tejani Technology is providing are tailored exclusively according to the needs and requests from the clients.

 Our Value

We know that people are the most important resource in a successful company. Here in Tejani Technology, we belief that every single project relies on the people who are standing behind it. We are creating IT solutions adapted to the price – performance of our market.