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With Tejani Technology you can achieve your business goals. We provide you with a comprehensive collection of tools and services to propel your company to success in all areas of Internet marketing and technology.

we are the best internet marketing company

 Search Engine Optimization

There is probably no topic as misunderstood as SEO! SEO is not just related to traffic. It is the sum total of all the efforts you put in toward making your website appeal to your potential visitors. Search engines are smart enough to notice your efforts, and they’ll automatically rank you higher than your competition. SEO is a way of life, and once done right, it is just a matter of following the principles. Your website will perennially be on top — imagine what that can do for your business.

In this section, we’ll talk about simple things — stuff that you will understand easily— and some things you can do by yourself. Even if there is a task that needs to be outsourced to other companies, you will understand exactly why you should do that. You probably already know that there are three major categories of SEO, as listed below:

-On Page
-Off Page
-Social Media

A wholesome SEO campaign will include all three elements. If you are investing your money and time into SEO, make sure that your effort goes into each of these categories. On Page Optimization is done within the website and starts at the design phase. Off Page optimization is a long-term strategy that provides valuable mileage to the website by means of promoting the site all over the internet. Off Page optimization needs to be done with great care — especially after the Google Panda update — and it is imperative that all off-page tasks are white hat. Social Media is another integral part of an SEO campaign, and the future will make this even more important.

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we are the best internet marketing company

 Link Building

Even though SEO is always evolving, the importance of back links remains constant. The best way to raise your rankings, reach new audiences and gain trust and authority is through continual link acquisition. However many other companies promise massive amounts of backlinks for a set price, but in this game it is all about quality not quantity. We help build organic and natural links with strong ties to authority websites to help build your sites trust. With over a decade of success in link building, Tejani Technology offers the highest quality links on the market.

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we are the best internet marketing company

 Social Media

SEO and Social Media are interdependent now, and that connection extends to Local SEO. Indicators like geotagged media and check ins are key to ranking based on location, but overall, social media profile health and activity also influence whether Google will rank you at the top or not. This is still an evolving model (as are all facets of SEO), so we are sure to see new signals added, as Google works to continually improve the SERPs. Based on what we have seen to date, they are making rapid progress toward that objective.

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we are the best internet marketing company


As a place for direct retail shopping, with it’s 24-hour availability, a global reach, the ability to interact and provide custom information and ordering, and multimedia prospects, the Web is rapidly becoming a multibillion dollar source of revenue for the world's businesses. A number of businesses already report considerable success. However it is important to have a solid and safe infrastructure to sell, manage and deliver effciiently, effectively and safely. We are registered and certified to provide the tools to build maintain and manage e-commerce websites as well as provide you with the security (SSL) and credit card processing capabilities both online and offline.

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we are the best internet marketing company

 Web Design

A website is a professional face for your company, an interactive brochure that your clients can have freedom to browse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. A website opens up a whole new world of advertising potential and is proven to not only generate new business but to retain your existing clients by offering them the information they need, any time, at the touch of a button. Here in Tejani Technology, we have Web Design experts who will create you a website that is both attractive and effective.

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