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 Why Social Media?

Today, without a doubt social media has become gigantically enormous medium of marketing and promotional tool for companies. It is essential for almost every brand to have its presence on social media platform, it helps them to stay connected with their audience and provide them an opportunity to get insight of consumer preferences. The rise of social media has taken the online marketing onto a whole new level, and it provides an exceptional boost to the companies. There are obvious benefits of social media engagement which include branding, customer engagement and loyalty. What is interesting though is that search engines now listen to social signals too, not just to discover new content but also apply these signals to their rankings algorithm. Social signals are not the same thing as links, nor will they ever replace them as many speculate. Instead we’re looking at yet another layer in a complex and ever-growing list of layers in Google’s search algorithm. Google is also serious about social and that speaks a lot. Those guys wouldn’t be wasting their money and time on something trivial.

we are the best internet marketing company

 Our Mission

The mission of our company is to provide our clients with the modern , innovative, cost- and time-effective solutions for their websites. We strive to accurately represent your values, mission, character and head your site towards your target audience, making it relevant to your market and field. We offer affordable, fast, accessible and user friendly custom designed works which help you grow your audience and business.

we are the best internet marketing company

 Our Approach

We meticulously track all key performance indicators of a social media campaign while keeping the “social” aspect of social media marketing in mind. A great social media strategy isn't just about numbers and measurable factors – it's about relationship building and sharing information. We view social media marketing as not simply a method of promotion, but a vital channel for customer service. Interaction through social media encourages a genuine connection between a brand and its customers. Your social media manager will stay vigilant to capture every opportunity to cultivate those relationships.

Whether your goal is increasing brand recognition, igniting your community, or simply attracting more likes and followers to your social media accounts, we will develop a custom social media marketing strategy that's right for you.

Tejani Technology's social media managers can help you:

  • Increase brand reach by expanding fans, followers, and +1s
  • Assist with customer relations, feedback, and complaint resolution
  • Develop & promote contests, giveaways, coupons, special offers, quizzes, and more
  • Create and share content to attract likes, shares, new followers and links
  • Increase website traffic through social sharing
  • Promote a social media marketing campaign that fits your needs and budget

we are the best internet marketing company

 Social Media Pricing