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 How We Can Help You

Tejani Technology's Web Design Services Will Help You:
  • Increase site traffic
  • Streamline your online sales funnel
  • Extend time on site
  • Maximize conversion opportunities
  • Reduce bounce rates
  • Strengthen trust value and credibility factors
  • Enhance usability and site quality

 Premium Web Design

Our professional web design specialists will take a ground-up approach to website development creating a visually appealing design from scratch. Tejani Technology is one of the most experience web design firms in the market today. We have been working with the internet since its introduction and have learned to not only design but plan, program and develop for it. Where many focus on aesthetics exclusively, it is VERY important to also organize and test for usability and function. We want you to reach your goals, whether its an informative website, an app based website or a sale based site. We have over 15 years of experrience to get it right. We will work with you and present you with sample website design layouts to choose from. We'll continue to adapt the web design you choose until its look and functionality are perfectly suited to your needs.

We are the best web design company in Palm Beach

 Small Business Web Design

We have solutions focused on helping the small business thrive. Speaking strictly of the web design for small businesses we create or update your small business website with a professional look. Our small business websites are created to drive results while remaining affordable. Whether you need an online store web design or simply an informational site, as a full service web design company we can deliver. Small business' can also benefit from our other services including local optimization, logo design and print design through one of our preferred partners. Our small business prices start as low as 599.00 for our basic 5 page sites and they always include a free year of domain and hosting registration included, courtesy of our partner information company VANDESIS. We like to build and establish ourselves as partner in growth and expansion for our neighbors in the area. We believe that it is important to give back which is why we always try to find and mold a solution to your small business.

Most experience web design company in Palm Beach, Delray Beach

 Specialized Services

Web Banner Creation & Ad Design: Custom created for your display campaign by our amazing and talented design team. Custom Web Graphics: It is important to create custom graphics for a particular campaign that reinforces your brand message. Logo Creation: Get the point across from the start high impact logos for your business to help you stand out among your competition and deliver your message to the world. Print Design: Our print design expertise includes print advertisements, marketing materials, business cards, trade show materials, and stationary, this type of work however does go through a partner of ours. You can do it all and do it well, and we're ok with that. But you can be sure we work with only the best.

Boynton's best website design and development company. Working in Palm Beach.

  Custom Social Media Profile Design

Maintenance of consistent branding and message in social media by expert customization of social media profiles. Custom Requests: We are ready to address your unique needs. Web Design Services Landing Page Auditing and Creation: Optimization of existing landing pages for PPC or organic search. Email Template Creation: Creation of custom email templates with a design that caters to your target audiences. Web Development Services Blog Design: Creation of a well optimized blog that will complement your existing website design and meet your engagement needs. Widget Creation: Widget creation for link bait. Facebook App Creation: Facebook application creation for of social media optimization. From e-commerce web design to customized blog design, we'll help you achieve the ideal balance between aesthetics, usability and SEO. Get in touch to learn more about any of our SEO web design services. Contact us for a personalized quote based on your website size and needs.